JCPS: Jim Crow Public Schools


In his book, Life behind a Veil: Blacks in Louisville Kentucky, 1865-1930, George Wright described the “polite racism” which has flourished in Kentucky since Reconstruction. In 1891, a black reporter had remarked that in Louisville the “races get along nicely – like oil and water – “the whites at the top and the Negroes at the bottom.”

Wright added that this form of racism, with a few overt incidents of violence or prejudice, would continue “as long as Afro-Americans willingly accepted ‘their place,’ which, of course, was at the bottom.”

Passion and Prejudice: A Family Memoir by Sally Bingham

After 42 years of forced busing, Louisville children have logged millions of miles and squandered millions of hours traveling to schools far from home.  What does Jefferson County Public Schools have to show for their multi-billion dollar social experiment? A long list of failing schools.

African-American students are still at the bottom and there are no data to show a macro level improvement for the children that forced busing was supposed to help.  Education inequality isn’t just alive and well in Louisville, Kentucky – it’s worse than ever.  [Links here, here , here, and here.]

Thanks, Jim Crow Public Schools.



The Kentucky legislature’s recent bills for charter schools and the elimination of forced busing triggered a leftist panic attack that exposed their phony affection for diversity.  Do they have any proof that forced busing reduced education inequality?  No. If they did, social “scientists” would have been quick to publicize the success of forced busing.  If leftists really cared about diversity and poverty they would have shelved forced busing decades ago and focused on staffing Louisville schools with equitable teaching experience.  Instead, the teachers union has a collective bargaining agreement with a long-standing transfer policy that guts low-performing schools  of experienced teachers.  The JCTA-purchased school board approved this benefit that lets JCTA (the teachers union) hijack the teacher staffing process from JCPS;  it has inflicted irreparable damage on our poorest families.  Failing schools with high minority enrollment have the least experienced teachers. JCPS, JCTA and the board of education have colluded for many years to perpetuate failure.  [Link to KY Department of Education School Report Cards here. Select District and School; Learning Environment tab; Teachers tab for Average years teaching experience]

That doesn’t sound like people who support diversity or care about poverty or failing schools. That sounds like people who are indifferent to and benefit from inequality.